Radioshop Handmade Stratocaster Vintage '63 Specials Pickup Set RSV63

Condition: New
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Radioshop's Description
We were fortunate enough to be able to borrow an original ’63 Strat to help us design our Vintage Set and we’re extremely satisfied with how close the aesthetics and tone match the originals. The ’63 Specials are perfect if you want to match a multitude of classic tones with accurate authenticity – everything from Dick Dale Surf to Jimi’s beautiful Red House tone is possible with these pickups depending on your choice of amp and settings. Twang and sweetness are present in spades while also delivering a stunning breakup through crunchier valve amps.

  • Hand Bevelled, Vintage Staggered Alnico 5 Magnets.
  • Handwound with 42 AWG Heavy Formvar Wire.
  • Vintage Spec Output: 6k (N), 6k (M), 6.2k (B).
  • Vintage Cloth Hook-up wire.
  • Black Fibreboard Bobbins dipped in Nitrocellulose.
  • Pickups Wax Potted to reduce Microphonic Feedback.
Listen below to some samples of various pickup positions and styles