Radioshop '62 Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup

Condition: New
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From Radioshop - 'The development of our Jazz Pickups has been a real journey! As we set about making our first bass pickups, far from being a case of just winding them like other pickups, we knew we needed a new approach. In stepped Ed Purcell, a local Bass technician with over twenty years of experience of playing, selling and working on Vintage Jazz Basses. We worked closely with Ed and went back and fore with ever closer prototype pickups for him to try and for us to refine. In the end Ed commented on our Mk3 pickups “That’s exactly what Vintage ’62 Jazz Pickups sound like. All the sweetness, mids and warmth is there – you’ve nailed it!”. ‘Nuff said!'

Hand Bevelled, Vintage Staggered Alnico 5 Magnets.
Handwound with 42 AWG Heavy Formvar Wire.
Vintage Spec – Output 8.4k(B) & 8.0k(N)
Vintage Cloth Hook-up wire.
Black Fibreboard Bobbins dipped in Nitrocellulose.
Pickups Wax Potted to reduce Microphonic Feedback.