Lace Sensor Holy Grails Pickup 3-Pack Aged White 21803-04

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Lace Holy Grails 3-Pack Aged White

For Strat - noise free - '54 vintage tone - Alnico 5 magnets

The ultimate hum cancelling vintage toned pickups.

Conventional stacked pickups sacrifice the high & low end,

but the Holy Grail's patented breakthrough sidewinder design

retains the depth and sparkle that is the hallmark of vintage

tone. Pure alnico 5 magnets combined with Lace technology

delivers that classic tone you have been searching for.

This set includes 2 x HG1000 neck & mid, and 1 x HG1500

bridge position.


Resistance 10.7k

Peak Frequency 3400

Inductance 3.0 henries


Resistance 11.5k

Peak Frequency 3200

Inductance 3.2 henries