ID: Evolution Strat Neck Pickup

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Choice of pickup covers - white,parchment, vintage white,mint green or black
Let us know choice, if not we'll send white.

Radioshop description -
Our new ‘evolutionary’ take on the classic Strat pickup design. Delivering ‘vintage humbucker’ output and drive courtesy of the subtly enlarged magnets and increased winds, theID:Evolution Strat set gives all of that much loved bell-like Strat tone with none of the tone darkening of other ‘hot’ pickups.

  • Subtly increased diameter and height Alnico V Magnets appear the same as regular Strat polepieces from above and fit into standard 52mm spaced pickup covers
  • Increased copper winds boost output to a more ‘vintage humbucker’ style 7.2k Neck and Middle and 7.8k Bridge with none of the usual darkening of tone thanks to the increased magnetic response of the pickup
  • The ID:Evolution features our unique ‘ID’ (Increased Dynamics) wax potting reduction innovation giving increased playing dynamics and boosted clarity from your Strat’s tone
  • No more annoying volume jumps when changing from a humbucking to single coil equipped guitar on stage!
  • Features our unique ‘Tele-fit’ baseplate giving increased grit, growl and bass response in the bridge position

Spec. -
  • Hand Bevelled, Vintage Staggered 5.25mm Diameter Alnico 5 Magnets.
  • Handwound with 42 AWG Plain Enamel Wire.
  • Output: 7.2k (N), 7.2k (M), 7.8k (B).
  • Vintage Cloth Hook-up wire.
  • Black Fibreboard Bobbins dipped in Nitrocellulose.
  • Unique Radioshop ‘ID’ wax potting procedure to reduce Microphonic Feedback whilst boosting clarity and dynamics. (Also available fully wax potted for super high gain applications upon request)
  • Radioshop ‘Tele-fit’ Strat Bridge Baseplate.
  • Pickups supplied with Covers, Screws and Spacers.