Gotoh Nashville Bridge GE103B Tune-o-matic Small posts Nickel 8930SNI

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Gotoh Nashville GE103 Bridge in Nickel - Small Posts

High quality bridge made in Japan. Replacement for Gibson guitars. Same length as the standard ABR-1 bridges, but slighter deeper than normal (front to back) to allow more back and forth travel of the saddles for better intonation adjustment. Posts & thumbwheels included. The saddles on this Gotoh bridge are held in place with a nut and bolt that is attached with a chemical thread locking compound to prevent the assembly from loosening. This ensures that the saddles sit firmly on the bridge providing smooth intonation adjustment and eliminating the typical 'saddle wobble' that occurs on most original tune-o-matic ABR-1 bridges.

Bridge post hole diameter - 4mm

Centre to centre spacing between the two mounting post holes - 74mm

Centre to centre spacing of the two outer saddles - 52mm