Fender Trem / Tailpiece for Jaguar / Jazzmaster Jap Re-issues(also fits Squier) Chrome 026-4248-000

Condition: New
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Fender Tremolo Tailpiece for Jaguar / Jazzmaster  Jap re-issues - chrome (Also fits Squiers)
Genuine Fender part no. 026-4248-000
Nice upgrade for Squiers featuring the trem-lock button and the Fender logo
Uses trem arm for re-issues (5mm) - not USA arm.
If fitting to a Squier, you can use the original arm, and remember when fitting arms, push in until you feel resistance, then push hard so that it engages with the collet.

(Please note - this unit does not come with trem arm or mounting screws)
These units are currently being shipped from Fender without header card.